Some spaces can feel uncomfortable and confining if the room is small. That is why when it comes to organizing low square footage areas, everything is important. With some clever interior design tips, you can make a small space appear bigger.

Mirror placement, creative lighting, furniture selection, and color techniques can trick the eye and make a room more spacious than it is. Here are some ideas to get inspired:

Use dark or light colors to give the space depth.

Medium colors make spaces look smaller. On the other hand, deep dark and bright white shades create a contrast that develops depth and the mirage of a bigger space.

Open the Way

When accessories and furniture block a room’s view, it will look smaller. By removing furniture from walkaways, you open up the space and make it look larger. You can also go for short pieces like an armless open chair, low table, or an ottoman and place tall items along the wall. If the floor is visible, the space will certainly look bigger.

Let there be light!

Any space will look bigger if it is well lit, either by artificial lighting or natural light. Open up the windows and do away with the draperies to allow outdoor light into the room. Install recessed lighting or track lighting or add more lamps.

Use hidden storage

It can be a piece of multi-functional furniture that can double up as storage for all your TV components as well as extra seating when you have friends over. You can also use baskets to store chew toys for your pets and blankets. If there is a way you can tuck everything you use in a certain spot out of the way, you will remove clutter and give the illusion of space.

Use Lucite and glass.

By using transparent pieces, anything will appear far away. For instance, do away with an opaque glass shower in a small bathroom and go for a clear frameless one. Though the room is still the same size, it will appear bigger.
Yes, it won’t be two extra feet, but the difference will be significant. Lucite or glass for tabletops is also great space enhancers. With a sturdy base of metal, stone, or wood, the space around the table will make the view beyond visible.

Create a focal point

Establish a focal point- a feature or an area that will draw attention. In a dining room, it can be the table or the bed in a bedroom. Make that feature the celebrity of the space or room. And then organize everything in a way that concentration is drawn to that space and keep the rest of the décor to a minimum.

Be innovative with furniture.

Using the right furniture is a good way to make space appear larger. For instance, as mentioned earlier, you can use multi-functional furniture- a chest that doubles up as a coffee table, a bed with drawers, sofa bed, nesting tables, folding tables, or expandable dining tables that can be easily tucked away when you do not require them.

Also, note that bulky and tall furniture can take up a lot of space. So go for a sofa or chairs that have exposed legs and open arms. This will allow light to move under the furniture making the space look airier.

Use color creatively

Perhaps you already know that white walls create an illusion of a bigger room. But did you know that white is not the only viable option? Any bright neutral color that feels fresh and light, like light beige or sage green, can have the same impact.

A bright color emphasizes an object’s size as it attracts more attention, so ensure it is a color you adore. Also, use a limited color palette on walls because many distractions will clutter the space, but have an accent piece or bold color to jazz up the room and make it look bigger.

We all know the struggle from a bedroom that is not big enough to comfortably accommodate a six-by-six bed to a living room that has to accommodate a TV, a home office, and a dining area. Fortunately, the tips mentioned in this guide will help make your space not only look more inviting but also utterly chic and increasingly multi-functional.

That said, there are some regulations when it comes to decorating a rented apartment. If you are not sure about this, you can consult experienced real estate attorneys like Luchadores Legales for more information.

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