Choosing the right sofa is like getting married. You’ve got to take things slow and make sure it’s the one you want to be with for years to come before making your final decision. It makes sense that we take the time to invest in something so important, right?

It’s a tough decision, getting a new sofa! There seem to be endless options. Do you want a traditional one with wooden legs, or would one with slender futurist lines be more your thing?

Would you rather have a sofa that exudes luxury like suede or is more laid-back and contemporary? Perhaps you’re looking for something specific – do you want sofas that have removable covers made from eco-friendly materials to protect from spills and stains?

We have a simple guide to help you remember some key elements for the next time you visit your favorite furniture store.

Measure First

The first step in choosing the right couch for your living room is to measure the space it will be going into.

You can never measure a spot too many times because a little inaccuracy during this process can be devastating to your living room. So make sure you take detailed measurements of width, depth, and height, as well as doorways and hallways.

It’s important to make sure you have enough clearance around door jambs and at the base of any stairwells or landings because if there isn’t, then your sofa would not be able to fit through those spaces.

Focus On The Upholstery

Whether you choose leather, cotton, or suede- each piece of fabric impacts your home.

For example, materials like cotton fabrics may fade in natural light, so if you have windows letting in lots of sunlight in your home, you might want to invest in synthetic materials instead.

If there is heavy footfall from either your kids, pets, or friends, then you should go for something easy to maintain. We also recommend investing in removable covers that are easy to wash.

Pick Out The Color That Is Cohesive With Your Space

One of the most fun (and potentially rewarding) parts of choosing your very own sofa is selecting the right color.

While many people will be quick to start pointing out that there are rules for picking shades, what they’re doing is just covering up their opinions about what colors should or shouldn’t work together.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules that prevent hot pink from working with orange. For example, you can take it much further than that if you desire! As long as the colors work well together, you can pick whatever works best for your tastes.

Don’t Forget The Cushions

When choosing a sofa, many people focus on the exterior – what it looks like, the texture, and even the accent.

But you also have to think about just as much about the interior – how soft, comfortable and durable it is. Feathers tend to be of high quality, but they are going to require regular pumping. Foam fillings might not stand up over time compared with feathers because foam tends to lose its shape and flattens out quicker.

You can mix feather and foam fillings if you want a combination that works well!

Invest In A Good Sofa Frame

We know that sofas are expensive, but it’s important to make sure you invest in a good quality frame. For example, the structures of Italian Furniture are fantastic because they are strong and durable.

This way, even after years of wear, you can revamp your sofa easily because the internal framing system will continue to support its structure for years to come.

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