This year has been one of the strangest on record for most of us for a variety of reasons. Most obviously is the fact that we have spent more time confined to our homes than ever before. This time at home has seen a boom in home improvement projects and a serious focus on interior design. After all, if you’re going to be staring at the same four walls day after day, you want them to look good!

If, like so many others, you have taken more of an interest in your abode, you might well be wondering what the latest trends for 2020 are. We’ve put together our thoughts on them so read on to find out more…


From natural to artificial, indoor to outdoor, the light in your home is a key trend for 2020. You’ll see new homes being designed with huge windows to allow as much of the natural stuff to flow in as possible. Bi-fold doors, skylights and open plan living all combine to help this along too. But did you know you can aid the flow of light through your home with the addition of internal glazed doors? Having glass panels in your doors allows the light to pass from room to hallway and onto other rooms and back again which can help brighten even the darkest of spaces. There is no need to compromise on privacy either as frosted or clouded glass can be used to keep what happens behind closed doors a secret! A great range of internal glazed doors is available from Online Door Store.

Contemporary chic

Our homes have become our havens and so a sense of calm and serenity is becoming more fashionable. A contemporary living environment supports modern living with open plan spaces and neutral colour schemes that mean you and your family can enjoy the space however you desire. Modern and contemporary generally means sleek and stylish too, with nothing to jar the senses overtly so think about muted colours such as whites, creams and beiges, natural materials such as woods and glass and sumptuous furniture and cushions to sink into.

Outdoor indoor

Again, thanks to the confinement we have felt over the first half of the year, bringing some external elements into our homes has allowed us to remember the great outdoors! This could be something as simple as some tropical prints in the bedroom or conservatory or a few plants being scattered about the place. It could also mean you go a little further too, with furniture made from driftwood, ornaments made of stone, work tops made of marble. Natural fabrics can create a homely feel and even crockery can be made from bamboo or woods to give a rustic feel. Bringing the outside indoors can also be assisted with the scents you have such as floral air fresheners and aromatherapy oils.

2020 has certainly been a year to remember for many things. But one thing we should be grateful for is the appreciation we have felt for the simpler parts of life and the subsequent change in our priorities. Having a more happy, naturally focussed home with environmentally friendly elements is one way we can take our learnings with us into the years to come so get them in your house now!

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