Different seasons come with different spending considerations. None more so than perhaps winter. When the temperature drops and the rain and hail and snow set in, keeping warm and keeping dry is at the top of everyone’s list. That could mean a new coat, for example. New warmer footwear. For some people, updating any old and insufficient home insulation could also prove to be a costly necessity. But wait. Spring has arrived. The sun is magically in the sky before your phone alarm dazzles you to life each morning. You don’t have to chisel the car out of a block of ice before you can drive it anymore. And, because the sun is shining through the window at work, you can actually touch your desk when you arrive without getting frostbite. This is excellent news. But the best is yet to come.

For many of us, money problems over winter can lead to hardship (check out this budget calculator for extra help) – let’s look at ways of turning the tables on those dwindling finances with some easy summer savings.

Turn off the thermostat

Forget turning the thermostat down, this is your time to shine with savings – turn off your home heating altogether for an instant summer boost to your finances. Sure, the bedroom floor is going to be a little cold in the morning, and yes late at night the clear summer skies do mean that the temperature is going to drop throughout the wee hours of the morning, but that’s what socks and hoodies were invented for. The sun is going to heat everything up for you, for free. Just give it a little time each day – and as summer really kicks in, the higher temperatures are going to be with us longer into the night and arriving earlier each morning.

Adjust your mealtime plans

Our bodies require calories for one simple reason: energy. The process is easy enough. You eat a banana, digest the banana, and within hours those newly acquired molecules become fuel for your body cells. When we burn fuel, we get heat. Now, one of the things that summer brings in abundance is heat, meaning your calorie intake does not need to be quite so high. Smaller summer portions and fresh foods that are lower in fats will not only benefit you in terms of improving your diet but will also offer huge savings on your food bill. Additionally, if you take any vitamins or supplements like maitake mushroom capsules on a regular basis to boost your health, it might be worth considering purchasing these products from a wholesaler. Buying Wholesale Maitake Capsules directly from a manufacturer can enable you to save a significant amount of money so it is well worth comparing prices online to ensure that you can get the products you need at the best possible price.

Cancel subscriptions to almost everything

Winter is an indoors kind of season, wouldn’t you agree? The choice is stark. Come home from work in the freezing cold weather and get comfortable on the sofa with a nice hot drink and a blanket, or go back outside again and face the elements. I know which I choose. But sitting still with nothing to do is absolutely no fun. We need entertainment.

Something with bright colours and cool sounds and maybe a Hollywood star or two. Of course, I’m talking about streaming services. Of which there are plenty. Whether you’ve extended your home TV package to include movie and sports channels or whether you’ve signed up to new streaming services that promise entertainment by the bucket load, you can now cancel those subscriptions and do something more social or read-a-book-in-the-garden-esque.

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