With all the recent talk of climate change, global warming and dwindling resources, have you ever stopped to think about going solar? How about taking the energy you and your family need from a constant source of supply – one that could be used by everyone time and time again?

By installing a solar panel over your home, you and your family will be making a wise and morally responsible decision to be symbiotic with the natural world.

You will go from being dependent on electricity supplies generated by non-renewable resources to absorbing your own energy and in many ways self-sufficient. Below are just some of the positive advantages to constructing a solar panel roof over your home.

Making juice for the juice companies

Under current arrangements with electricity companies, the power they provide to you continues coming to your home even after you install solar panels on your roof. In essence you continue to use the same electricity as always, supplied by the company, but with a twist.

The energy you absorb through your solar panels is actually taken by the company as energy to be used, meaning that your home is providing the company with electricity. In return, the amount of energy you absorb is deducted from your regular energy bill. Since the company then uses that energy to provide electricity to other homes, you are not only saving money by installing the panels but also helping to provide the entire community with clean energy in the process.

Getting use out of empty space

It’s a fact that the roofs of most houses in any community are essentially unused space: used for shelter from the elements, a place to put the satellite dish and little more. Turn that space into something productive and beneficial, not only for your family but also people around the world.

Since the solar panels are performing a constant service for the homeowner, it’s likely the resale value of your property will increase if you go solar. More than this, the former empty roof you have will be playing an active role in preserving the environment, so it’s a win for you and a win for the planet. After all, who can say no to turning nothing into something valuable and worthwhile to all?

The government wants to lend you a hand

Continuing with financial advantages, rebates from the electricity company aren’t the only financial incentive to install solar panels on your roof. In many countries around the world, governments have introduced subsidy and rebates schemes to encourage home owners to go solar.

What this means for you is that the government will provide financial support to assist you in going solar, and also to reward you for your actions. This, coupled with the support of the electricity company, means that for the price of doing a thoughtful and good thing is drastically reduced, and you`ll begin to recover from your costs effective immediately.

A wash a month keeps the doctor away

Because of their highly compact design and plastic structure, solar panels are resistant to the elements and require very little upkeep in the way of maintenance.

The only expenses you`ll need are some dish washing soap and a rag, and you`ll only have to clean the panels once every couple of months. Cleaning of the panels ensures that they are able to retain the maximum amount of sunlight they’re exposed to, thus allowing you and everyone else to get the most value out of them.

A good deed doesn’t have to be a sacrifice

Unlike many other conservation initiatives that ask you to give up luxuries, hobbies, modes of transport of even foodstuffs for the greater good, solar panels require no such trade-off.

Once they`re installed they begin to do their job, and this means you can live whatever lifestyle you choose without having to compromise or sacrifice a thing. Throw up some solar panels and you can do the things you want and do good all at once.

Be a trendsetter!

Finally, a more personal benefit that comes from installing solar panels on your home is the fact that you are making a statement. You are joining with other forward thinking people and playing an active role in the conservation of the environment, and in use of new technology.

Take the lead and set an example for others, and you might be surprised at the results! Great things come to those who dare, and investing in solar technology now will be something to remember when, in the future, you notice and reflect on the positive effects impact your actions have had. Also, they aren’t too bad on the eyes either – companies like Monier Roofing have some great solar panels to complement your home.

About the author: Mitch Thompson is a media and environmental sciences major who publicizes the benefits of solar energy and other conservation tactics to the general public.


  1. We live in a condo now so we can’t install solar panels. I’ll definitely look into it if we ever move into a house. I like the idea a lot, but we’ll see if it’ll work out with us.

    • @Midlife Finance – When we own our own house, I definitely want to look into solar panels (I love this company’s because they are just the tiles of the roof) and I think I’d also want a gray water recycling system that waters the landscape. 😉

  2. Edward Antrobus Reply

    Solar is definitely a priority one we buy. I have friends that are working on a prototype of a unit that uses waste heat from the photovoltaic panels to heat water as well.

    • @Edward – That sounds pretty interesting. I like ideas that reuse existing materials/energy. When I own my own house, I think I’d also look into a gray water recycling system, especially is I stay in SoCal where we don’t get much rain. 😉

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