Downsizing has been a hot trend during this recession (or recession as of late if you think it’s over) and one way some people are downsizing is in their everyday abode. From Tiny Tumbleweeds to small eco-footprints, small is the new “in.” And small sometimes becomes tiny – tiny can be linked to freedom in some ways; freedom from too much stuff, too much debt, or just too much of everything.

I’ve written pretty extensively about Tumbleweed Tiny Homes, but another website I came across the other day is Tiny House Design by Michael Janzen. He also designs tiny houses and has written a book that offers 230 tiny plans that you can build yourself (yes, that’s two-hundred thirty encase you need more choices!)

Many of his plans include a loft sleeping area that accommodate up to two queen-sized beds, an array of layout choices, and are designed to be built on a trailer or raised foundation. Below is a preview of his Tiny House Plan Book:

I don’t know if I’ll ever downsize to such a small space (and if I ever do, it won’t be anytime soon!) but it’s a great option for people looking to live a debt-free, mortgage-free life-style. I completely see the allure. 😉

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  1. John @ Married (with Debt) Reply

    I’ve been interested in small spaces lately. A loft sleeping arrangement is key. If I had a house like this, I’d have to have an outbuilding for tinkering, relaxing, etc.

    • @John – That would definitely work, especially if your plot was big- have two small houses on it; one from living and one for working/tinkering.

  2. Lance @ Money Life and More Reply

    It is a novel idea that I think would be neat to try out but I don’t know if I could live in one long term. I bet the resale would stink too if you ever got sick of it. Not too many people are looking to buy a truly tiny house!

    • @Lance – It is a novel idea and not for everyone. As for resale value, it’s definitely a niche market. If a person ever did resell, I would have to gather they wouldn’t make much on the house, but maybe a little on the land they owned.

  3. First gen American Reply

    I used to be a city dweller so I know living in a small space is possible. What ever happened to starter homes anyway? It seems like people want to jump straight to dream home right from the get go. Back in the olden days, you would spbuy something affordable and if you did well financially, you would upgrade or add on over time. If not, you stayed put and made do with what you had.

    • @First Gen American – It could be that people wait longer to purchase a house and don’t want the “starter” home. Or it could just be American’s affinity to bigger is better (just look at the super sized meals at restaurants!) In general, we have a bad consumption habit.

  4. In today’s world it is quite to live in tiny houses. Families rather prefer to dwell some spacious places where they can plan their future.

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