With skyrocketing rents and more people wanting to live in urban places, it’s not an easy task finding a roomy and affordable space to live in the city. That’s why tiny kitchens (if there are any at all) are commonplace in city dwellings.

* Kitchen Hacks:

With limited space, what you can do is to keep everything clean and organized to avoid stuffing your space. And you can try these organization hacks to squeeze more space out of your small kitchen.

  • Build Floating Shelves:

Without much floor space, your only choice is to build upward. Squeeze more space out of your tiny kitchen by building more floating shelves. You can install them on top of your cabinets and in your kitchen walls.

Floating shelves are perfect for storing pots, pans, and other kitchenware that you often use. Now, you don’t have to rummage through your cabinets for that one pan you use for frying eggs. Best of all, floating shelves are easy and cheap to install.

  • Utilize Open Wall Space:

There are lots of things you can do with the open wall space in your kitchen other than building floating shelves. You can install a magnetic knife strip on the space above your counter. A magnetic knife strip can be used to organize not just knives but also spatulas and other metal kitchen tools.

You can install a pegboard on an open wall to make space to hang your kitchenware and supplies. Or you can build a foldable table for more space to do all your food preparation.

  • Take Advantage of the Space behind Cabinet Doors:

Cabinet Doors
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Maximize cabinet space by installing hooks and racks behind the doors. Instead of randomly stashing ingredient packets, you organize them using hooks or racks that you installed on your cabinet doors. You can also make more space for food cans and ingredient bottles in your cabinet by taking advantage of space behind the doors.

Or you can organize your bills, receipts, and notes by making your own file organizer using durable A7 envelopes you can stick on cabinet doors. This way, it will be more convenient for you to keep track of all your expenses.

  • Use Tension Rods to Organize Cabinets:

If your pots, pans, lids, and boards are piling on top of one another in your kitchen cabinets, it’s high time you do something about it. Organize your cabinets by using tension rods. You can divide the space to create slots where you can simply insert lids, pans, and boards and avoid chipping off your glassware and ceramic ware when you stack them together.

You can also use tension rods to create hangers inside your cabinets and under your kitchen sink. You can use them to hang mugs, jars, and kitchen cleaning products.

  • Maximize Counter Space Using a Tiered Cake Stand:

Save space on your kitchen counter and table by using a multilevel cake stand to display fruits, vegetables, condiments, food ingredients, and utensils. You can also use one to maximize the space in cabinets and arrange cups and mugs.

A tiered cake stand is useful not only in the kitchen. You can also put one on your vanity table to organize your makeup and skin-care products. Use a cake stand your desk to arrange school and office supplies. You can get creative and find plenty of other uses for a cake stand.

  • Organize Drawers Using Dividers:

Drawers Using Dividers
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Drawers are a nightmare to organize, especially if you’ve built up a habit of tossing things inside. But you can organize your drawer space and keep it that way by using dividers. You can buy ready-made dividers or organizers in department stores or make your own.

If you’re planning to do it yourself, there are plenty of materials you can recycle to make dividers. Cereal boxes, cardboard, and used Amazon boxes are excellent materials you can use for a DIY drawer organizer.

It’s quick and easy to make, and you can even make some for all the drawers in your house if have plenty of useful materials lying around.

  • Recycle Food Containers:

Make good use of all the jam jars and mayonnaise jars you have lying around. Use them to store spices, herbs, condiments, and food ingredients. They’re transparent, which makes it more convenient for you to find the ingredient you need. Stick labels on the bottles and jars to make it easier to identify what’s stored inside.

You can also use glass jars and takeout containers to organize the contents of your fridge. On weekends, you can cook your meals for the next week and store them in these containers in the fridge to heat and eat them later.

  • Build Hanging Racks under Cabinets:

Make good use of the empty space under your overhead cabinets by installing hanging racks. You can use the racks to organize spice and herb bottles, condiments, fruits, vegetables, and food ingredients.

If you want to use racks to store heavier items, like utensils and kitchenware, you can nail them on the wall for a sturdier hold. You can also build hanging racks inside cabinets to arrange the contents inside.

You can build your own racks to customize them according to your needs. Or you can find readymade ones and install them wherever you need them.

  • Final Thoughts:

If you can’t do anything to expand your kitchen space or move to a bigger place, you have to work with what you’ve got now. Try different organization hacks to maximize the space in your tiny kitchen.

Make use of every available space, from cabinets to open walls, by building dividers and organizers. Declutter your organizers to create more room for all your stuff. Finally, get creative and be resourceful to efficiently use every inch of space in your tiny kitchen.

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