For many people, their kitchen is a place where they spend most of their day, or they use their kitchen for some therapeutic experimentation in culinary art. Either way, it is a primary workspace for them, and they like it sweet, clean and decorated. Even if you are not a fan of cooking but are still using the kitchen for yourself and the family, little decorations and creativity can accentuate your workspace, lift your mood and can motivate you to work happily in your kitchen. Moreover, DIYing simple kitchen decorations are fun, cheap and can also help you recycle or upscale a lot of waste objects lying around in your house. Here are some of the fantastic kitchen decorating ideas on a budget. Some of these might require professional assistance or buying supplies from the market, while you can DIY the other ideas.

* Kitchen Decorating Ideas On a Budget:

Here are some of the fantastic kitchen decorating ideas on a budget:

1.  The Color Theme:

kitchen color theme
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Have your kitchen follow a theme. You can choose something that would go with your personality or mood. You can go for a bold red blended with white or a bright yellow for a mood uplift. If color is not your thing, then go for monochrome. Black and white is always a safe play and will allow you to add other colorful elements to create an additional oomph. However, if you are looking for a plain white and no color at all, that can be pretty dull in the long run. Get the walls tiled and position your color intelligently on your cabinets and shelving. Make sure it is used cleverly so that you do not get a feeling of color being splashed on your face from everywhere. For example, if you want a bold red to dominate your kitchen theme, go for red cabinets and keep the walls and flooring in white to add lighter hues. Add a grey toned granite top will add a personality to your kitchen.

2.  Smart Storage:

You will be storing tons of stuff in your kitchen, and there is never enough space to store your supplies. Learn to make intelligent use of space. Wall shelving and hangings do not only add style to your kitchen but also offer additional storage space. Use dark chocolate, oak birchwood or white shelving racks on your kitchen wall to create storage space and add a design element. You can add spice racks, squared frame shelves or zig shelves depending on the size and area on your wall. If you have large racks, you can add shelf dividers to make effective use of space and add an extra layer of the shelf. DIY a magnetic board and place it on a wall to store all your stainless steel cutlery.

3.  Decorate your Fridge:

fridge decoration ideas
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A well-decorated fridge cannot only add a lot of spunk to your kitchen, but it will also reflect your personality. Since the fridge tends to have a magnetic surface, you can have a lot of fun with magnets. You can buy ready magnets off the rack, but DIYing custom magnets is a whole lot of fun. Decorate wooden pegs with washi tape or paint to create a memo board. Add photo magnets and create a family photo gallery or add destination magnets and create your travelogue on your fridge. You can also glue magnets at the back of you can openers, scissors, etc. and create a cool storage for some of your kitchen supplies.

4.  Tea Towel Decorations:

tea towel design ideas
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Tea towels are a staple kitchen supply in every household and therefore, putting them to use for your kitchen decorations makes them entirely in line. Imagine the satisfaction of recycling or upcycling something as invaluable as a tea towel and turning it into a gorgeous wall piece. There are uncountable ways in which you can use tea towels for decorations but here is one of the quickest and easiest DIY techniques.

Take a plain white tea towel and place it on a flat surface. You can secure it to keep it from moving using duct tape. Now paint your hand with any color and put it on the tea towel at the top corner. You can now use a single handprint in one color or multiple handprints of your each family member in various colors to create a series of hand prints. Let the paint dry. Take a framed canvas board that is at least 2 to 3 inches smaller than the tea towel at all sides. Fold the white edges over and secure them at the back of the campus using glue. You can add an accent by running a border of washi tape around the canvas board. Hang it on the kitchen wall.

5.  Tea Towel Window Curtains:

Add a touch of style element on your kitchen window using those tea towels yet again. Take two sizeable white tea towels and dye them in any color of your choice. You can choose to leave them white too and use a contrasting color for your design or go with multi-colored dark tones. Cut a potato in two halves. Then make cuts on a potato from the edge to the center creating a floral or astragal potato. Take different colored fabric paints in a tray, or a single colored paint is contrasting your base color. Dip your potato in the paint and stamp it on the towel. Continue to make a series of stamps in any pattern you like. You can either restrict your design at one corner or scatter it all over. Once the paint has dried, take a wooden dowel and hang the towel on the dowel using curtain clips. Your kitchen curtains are ready.

6.  Chalkboard Wall:

Chalkboard is a fantastic and very economical way to add aesthetic and utility to your kitchen wall. If you have a large empty kitchen wall, you can buy a can of black chalkboard paint and paint the wall. If you have a smaller area, you can create a wooden chalkboard and hang it. Border the chalkboard with a washi tape that goes with your kitchen color theme. Then use chalks to write daily menus, memos, reminders and have fun with your new kitchen wall.

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