Your kitchen is by far the most important room in your house. It is also the hardest working room in your home, and that’s why you need to know a few-hacks about this special room. As the heart of your home, and the place where hearty meals are prepared, the kitchen is prone to dirt, constant-activity, and other messes, and because it is occupied almost every hour of the day, it can also be one of the most difficult places to keep purged, sorted, and organized, making it hard to prepare meals.

* 15 Hacks To Organizing Kitchen:

However, to make sure your kitchen remains the clean-and-the best place to prepare your meal, take note of the following 15 useful tips for organizing kitchen with impressive storage-solutions that ensure spices-and-kitchen tools are kept as organized as they should be.

1. Labeling:

Labeling to kitchen item
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Many people like to throw mismatched lids and plastic containers into cabinets and drawers making these compartments a complete mess. The best way to store these containers is to separate the lids from the containers and put them into the different baskets. This will allow for more sufficient storage. In addition, your baskets will remain safe in the cabinet and you can retrieve them any time you want.

* Requirements:

  • Large-and-strong baskets that can be put into the kitchen cabinets.
  • Metal bookplates
  • Washi tape
  • Label maker

Organize all your plastic containers and ensure that all the matching lids and bottoms are on the same side. Get rid of damaged and old pieces. Put the lids into the container and the containers in another basket. Trim washi tape so that they can fit into the metal bookplates. Label your containers and put them over the washi tape strips. Using an adhesive, secure your bookplates into the fronts of the baskets. Push the baskets into the cabinets and forget about the storage containers. Apart from plastic containers, there are other items in your kitchen that can be bothersome such as pots, cutting boards, spices, pans, knives, and lids.

2. Under Cabinet Storage:

Under Cabinet Storage
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Consider store-purchased drawers and shelves to take advantage of the under-cabinet space. Consider systems that are made for pans and pots to store all your cookware in one clean spot.

3. Rails:

The best thing about S-hooks is that they are made in a decorative manner and are functional. Use them to keep your plans and pots safe, especially if your kitchen doesn’t have enough cabinetry. For a more descent effect, keep the colors consistent.

4. Pegboard:

Pegboard for kitchen items
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Paint your pegboard white and install it as a backsplash, and make it a classy addition to your kitchen. You can pair your hooks with the pegboard and hang your pans and pots there.

5. Lid Rack:

This is usually hanged inside the cabinet. It ensures the lids are separate from the pans and that you can see them easily.

6. Lids on Doors:

If you have extra space on your door, you can add a couple of shelves using rods to organize all your lids in one place. However, you don’t have to use an entire door, consider towel rods, and place them to the back of the cabinet door. This is a simple way to keep your kids safe.

7. Cutting Board Tension Tod:

It is easy to topple cutting boards, and they can be messy if stacked together with heavy pans and pots. Instead, install tension rods on a vertical manner to divide the cabinet into two, and separate pots and pans from the cutting board.

8. Cutting Board Basket:

Cutting Board Basket
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If you do not have enough space in your cabinets, you can corral your cutting boards into a basket which can act as a storage and also decorate your kitchen.

9. Cutting Board File:

Before you store your items in the kitchen, think creatively. You can also consider office storage items such as paper file basket which can hold your cutting boards.

10. Magnetic Knife Strip:

Magnetic Knife Strip
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To access your knives easily, hang a magnetic knife strip on your backsplash. This is a smart and decent way to access your knives, especially if you are in a hurry.

11. Knives Drawer:

 Knives Drawer
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If you wish to keep your knives in your drawer, use the DIY drawer organizer that is made of glued wood. The setup is quite simple actually.

12. Spice Jars:

 Spice Jars kitchen item
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Remove your spices from their initial jar and put them into matching canisters that you can easily stack. Canisters feature chalkboard labels that make them easy to find.

13. Spice Drawer:

Instead of placing your spices in a cabinet, place them in a dedicated drawer and name them according to seasonings. Also, you can consider labeled lids for the best results.

14. Magnetized Spices:

Place your magnets to the back of matching containers and place them vertically on other magnetized surface or fridge. With all your containers labeled, you can easily identify them.

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