When moving, you need all the help that you can get. For this reason, here are a few moving tips that will make your move easier:

Get your bed ready

Put towels and sheets in one dresser drawer to make sure that don’t spend your first night in the new home searching for them. The first night in your new home should be peaceful so that you can unpack in peace later.

Do not forget the refrigerator

Once your fridge is thoroughly clean and dry on the inside, you should place a handful of coffee or charcoal in nylon and put it inside. This will keep your fridge smelling fresh.

Take notes

What is your shipment registration number? You need to keep it nearby so that you can call the movers with any questions you might have. It’s also easier to complain about your belongings when you know your shipment number.

Pack light and heavy

When packing heavy items, you should use small boxes to make lifting them easier. Conversely, make sure that you pack the light items in big boxes so that you can pack more of them.

Keep your phone book

What are you planning to do with your current phone book? Take it with you to make communication easier. When you move, you shouldn’t cut ties with your former neighbors. If you leave your phone book, this is exactly what you will be doing.

Protect memories

If you think that something is irreplaceable, you should put it in the car – this prevents you from having regrets later. However, if you decide to carry art or framed photos, you should use blankets and sheets to add a layer of protection. You do not want to carry your favorite pictures only to have them destroyed during the move.

Give out your contacts

Before the movers leave for your new home in the truck, you should give the driver your number to make communication easier. If you have an alternate number, you should also give it to him in case he cannot reach you on the primary one.

Relax your pet

Are you moving with a family pet? You should keep your pet calm to make the move easier on him/her. Moreover, make sure that you keep your pets away from the beehive of activity that will be in your house on moving day. This will also keep the pet calm.

Acclimate the computer

Even if you use your computer a lot, make sure that you give it plenty of time to acclimate to the temperature of your new home. Doing so will allow it to get used to a different temperature.

Remember the bare necessities

Coffee, toilet paper, flashlights, and pliers are some of the necessities that you might need when you get to your new home. Therefore, you should fill a box with these items and ask the movers to put it in the truck last. This way, it will be the first box out upon arrival.

DIY box handles

If you want to make heavy boxes easier to carry, you should cut out handholds using a utility knife. When making a triangular cutout, make sure that you leave the flap attached so that you can fold it in during the move. When unloading, just move the flaps and hold on to the makeshift handles.

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