There is truth to the common adage that “simplicity is beauty.” Stripping something down to its core, whether for art or interior designing, usually brings out only its essential elements. For instance, literature always tells us that imagery in language is important to transport a reader to a different place. However, overdoing it will ruin the illusion.

For interior designing, especially if you are just about shop for condos for rent, minimalism is going to make your space look more open and much bigger than it is. Not to mention, minimalism will make the condo look more sophisticated and laid-back.

To get you started, here are some tips on decorating your condo space to achieve sleek minimalism.

Muted Colors

muted colorsImage Source: Pexels

Other people assume that this means that you will only use monochromatic colors like black, white, and grey. But what most do not realize is you can still have a splash of color with minimalism.

You should choose one type of color first. Decide if you want to use three shades of the same color. Like Chartreuse, Forest Green, and Emerald Green. But use grey and white to break the color pattern.

You can also use three different neon colors like neon orange, green, and yellow. But do not overuse these, instead pair them with white so that the color pattern is not too hard on the eyes.

Invest in Organizers

decorating your condoImage Source: Flickr

The core of minimalism is to make a room look clean. Areas prone to clutter are usually the work table (it is the dining table for some people), the bedroom, and the wardrobe. If the reason for the clutter is because you do not have any place to put them in, buy organizers.

Organizers can be multipurpose. For instance, you can buy a chest where you can put your books and photo albums and still use it to decorate your living room. You can also install wall mounts to put frames, books, and other trinkets on it.

Choose Durable Furniture

condo furnitureImage Source: Pxhere

Of course, minimalism is not just achieved aesthetically; it is a lifestyle. What minimalism teaches us is to prioritize only the essential elements of living. What makes us comfortable and happy, and what makes it easier to live daily.

Adapting this to interior designing, when choosing your furniture, quality must trump quantity. It is not about how many pieces you have in your home, but how durable they are overtime. Learn the “One in, One Out” philosophy of buying new furniture. Instead of cluttering your condo with new bits and pieces, choose ones that will last you for years or until you are tired of it.

Create lots of Open Space

dining roomImage Source: Pixabay

To create an open space for your condo, you can break walls to make it look wider. For instance, the wall in between the dining area and the living room can definitely go. You can put a bookcase if you must have a divider between the two areas. But other than that, you can keep both areas accessible and open.

Other than making the space bigger, it utilizes the natural light that gets in to your condo. This will make your living space look more airy and inviting.

Minimalism is more than just a design aesthetic to achieve for a condo space. It is a lifestyle that focuses on what makes us happy and comfortable. Make sure this lifestyle translates into your home by keeping these decorating tips in mind.

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