When you think about what you need in order to have a good night’s sleep, the first thing you think about is sleeping on a soft comfortable mattress. The next thing your mind goes to is climbing into bed and cuddling into soft warm sheets that wrap around you and make you feel relaxed all over. The question then is what makes a good sheet good? Cotton sheets were some of the first types of sheets that were used and are still a popular option in sheets; however, there are many types of sheets out there that are designed to give you optimal comfort based on your preferences. Below is a list of different types of sheets that are sure to give you the best night’s sleep.


Cotton sheets are perhaps the easiest type of sheet materials to find and have been the most popular option for hundreds of years. Cotton remains a popular option because of its pure versatility. Cotton is breathable and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is incredibly easy to wash and only gets softer the longer you have it and sleep on it. People also love this material because it is so durable and holds up to being slept on and washed repeatedly year after year. Cotton is also a forgiving material so stains come right out with ease.


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Bamboo bed sheets are a great sheet option. Since bamboo is a type of tree, you would think that having it be turned into a fabric would mean that it would be very rough, scratchy, and stiff. However, when bamboo is turned into fabric, it is first dissolved into a pulp, turned back to a solid, and spun into a thread resulting in a sheet that is soft and smooth, yet durable and stands up to time. It is as breathable as cotton and soft as silk.


Flannel sheets are best used when you are going to experience long cold winter nights where you will need extra help to stay warm. Flannel sheets are actually made out of cotton that has been put through extra fluffing processes, meaning it has more depth. This depth is designed to help hold in body heat and keeps you warm. You can find flannel sheets in some places all year long, but they are much easier and cheaper to buy when the winter months approach.


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For hundreds of years, silk sheets have been thought to be the kind of sheets royalty would sleep on. They are nothing short of luxurious and soft and once you lay down on them you just do not want to get out of the bed. They are naturally hypoallergenic so they are perfect for people who suffer from allergies. Since this type of material is made out of natural things that silkworms produce, they require incredible care when the are made. They also tend to be much more expensive than other sheets on the market. Most people love how soft, breathable, and luxurious silk sheets feel, but others dislike sleeping on them as they can be slippery and hard to sleep on if you are not used to it.


Polyester can be a very scratchy, an almost sandpaper-like type of material, which is why polyester is usually not the sole material found in polyester sheets. More often than not, polyester sheets are actually blended with cotton fabric as well. The end result of this blend are sheets that are easy on a budget, comfortable, and durable. While they may not be as soft as pure cotton sheets, they are definitely soft enough to give you a restful night’s sleep.


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Microfiber sheets are made out of polyester fibers that have been woven together extremely tightly. Because the fibers are so tightly woven together, it makes the sheets much softer than regular polyester sheets would be, but they are nowhere near as breathable as cotton sheets since the fivers are so close together. While they do not breathe well, they are incredibly durable and do not stain well. They make a great option for a children’s bed as they can take anything that is thrown at them.

Find sheets that are right for you and get a good sleep that you need. Look for white sales throughout the year, especially after the holidays. This is when you can find many great sheets at a great price.

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