Everyone wants the best deal for their property, whether that is for sale or rent. Some homes need a quick sprucing and others require planning permission for extensions. Some simpler changes can add value to your property. It shouldn’t take having a second property evaluation to do this. That adds more time and expense-as can stress. Estate Agents Cirencester understand buying or renting a property can be stressful and aim to limit the stress as much as possible.

Clean the Front Garden

The first thing anyone is going to see is the front garden. The property evaluator may have been trained to spot other things, but on some subconscious level, they will notice the dirt, grime and weeds. You are going to have to do this before buyers or renters view the property, so why not do it before valuation? Pull up all the weeds. If you have grass, cut it. If you have paving, power-wash it. Plant flowers, either in pots or in the borders.

clean front garden

External Doors and Windows

Some houses and flats need a simple spruce up, others will need the external doors and windows replacing. If the windows don’t need replacing, clean them or hire a professional window cleaner. If the door doesn’t need replacing, paint it or wash it if it is PVC. Replace the house number. Investment in new windows can add value to the property worth more than the windows themselves. Do check the listing as some listings restrict what type of windows can be installed in the house, says Richard Morrison Vancouver Homes.

Clean and Tidy

It isn’t the job of the property evaluator to imagine the house around your stuff. If this is your home you are selling, it is worth putting everything you don’t need in the foreseeable future into storage. Once the property evaluation is done, your house will then be shown to potential buyers or renters. They don’t need to see your collection of shoes by the front door, your china cabinet or the upstairs hallway that doubles as a mid-century sci-fi library. They want to see open spaces so they can picture their own stuff turning the house into a home.

The evaluation will pick out flaws with the home that will knock thousands off the asking price. That leaves you with a choice about repairing them and getting a second evaluation. Clean the crumbs out of the cupboards and wipe the mud off the stairs once your stuff is gone.

clean and tidy home

Bathroom and Kitchen

Even your friends judge the bathroom and kitchen. The property evaluator is going to be even harsher, and unlike potential buyers won’t be fooled by baking bread. You don’t need to replace the bath unless it is very outdated. The bathroom and kitchen need to be completely spotless.


Make sure plenty of light is coming into the property. If possible, book the property valuation for a time of day when the most rooms receive the most light.

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