I love the idea and efficiency of tiny homes, though I know I won’t be purchasing one anytime soon. However, this Wind River Mayflower is absolutely gorgeous. I love the interior details, colors, and textures. The great thing about the Wind River website is that it breaks down the costs of their homes, which range from a base price of $55,000 up to over $100,000 with all of the amenities featured. Their FAQ page is very helpful for tiny house enthusists if you’re serious about building a tiny house. Below is the Mayflower model:

Our home purchase: We recently purchased a manufactured home on rented land (we just couldn’t find land close enough to purchase in our area) and went with a Goldenwest floor plan that we modified. If you’re interested in purchasing a manufactured home as an alternative to a┬átiny house, this book has some good information. Or check out my manufactured home page.

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