My trip to New York is right around the corner, so to speak. I nabbed a decent price on a ticket a couple of months ago (and of course, I really don’t want to compare fares at this point!), but realized that traveling in the winter costs more than the summer months. After booking the trip, I figured I needed a warm winter coat, thermals, and boots for my visit to the Big Apple. The clothing costs alone were adding almost $200 on to my trip.

Though I couldn’t get away with using jackets I owned since most are light-weight windbreakers, I had to splurge on a warmer jacket. My shoes weren’t going to cut it either. I ended up purchasing a coat on sale for half-price and hiking boots that were mis-marked at 30% off their original price. With a $10 off coupon, I ended up saving $40 off the shoes, or 40%. Total cost for both items: $126.

I was hoping to come in quite a bit under the estimated $170 I figured I’d have to spend on warmer clothing. So, I riffled through my drawers to see if I had undergarments that would work and still fit! Lucky for me, I’m pretty much the same size and weight I was when I last traveled to NYC in the winter. My stockings still fit, though snug around my J-Lo butt, and I found a pair of leggings that will work as my third pair of leg coverings to go under my jeans. I also found a few long-sleeved, light-weight shirts that will work for under my sweaters.

Working with what I have - a bit of Boho in my layered accessories.
Working with what I have – a bit of Boho in my layered accessories.

Thankfully, the jacket I purchased is super warm. With layering my undershirts, button-down shirt, and sweater, I should be able to roam around the city without shivering too badly. A scarf, gloves, and warm hat will top off the ensemble. Boho chic is what I’m calling my mismatched apparel. But I should blend right in. ๐Ÿ™‚

ย Does travel end up costing you more this time of year?


  1. Crystal @ Prairie Ecothrifter Reply

    I haven’t run into this problem yet, but I may be visiting cold places next year. I’ll be investing in warmer shoes. I think I have enough layers otherwise. Have a great trip!

    • @Crystal – It’s one reason I try and book my visits to NYC in the late spring or summer. The weather can be brutal and I really don’t have the wardrobe for it! However, I think I now have this problem covered. ๐Ÿ™‚

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