On the seventh day of savings my true love gave to me…

Seven sausages sizzling…

Six fleece-lined layers…

Five golden things,

Four calling cards,

three custom pens,

two fluffy gloves,

and a gift card to JC Penney’s..

Food again, I know. I just find that good food gets eaten; it doesn’t get returned, isn’t hidden in a drawer never to be seen again, or donated to the Good Will. Gift baskets with people’s favorite food and drink items are appreciated. I received some chocolates this year that I’ll eat and share with family.

If you just can’t do the gift basket thing because it’s too boring, invite family and friends over for a home-cooked meal or impromptu pot luck – good food, drinks, and company are a terrific “gift” for the holidays. It definitely beats the alternative.

While on the topic of gift giving, how much are you spending this season? Share your answers below:


  1. Well Heeled Blog Reply

    Or if you don’t have the skills to cook, you can still give gift cards or certificates to restaurants. There are very few people who don’t like free food, especially when you don’t have to clean up afterward!

  2. I’m spending much less than in previous years. Not as many people to buy for!

  3. Seven sizzling sausages? What a great mental picture. I’ll take spicy Italian, please.
    We like to gift Panettone cakes for Christmas. People that haven’t had them before are pleasantly surprised, and people that know them are mighty pleased.

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