Southern California has a shortfall of 660,000 affordable houses out of which 92,738 homes are needed for low-income groups in Orange County. Overall, California has a deficit of 1.5 million homes that are accessible to low-income groups. More reasonably-priced housing is needed to meet the demand or shortage. One of the ways to make affordable housing for border income groups is to go into custom designed houses. Building smaller structures and tiny homes are other possible options.

* Custom Affordable Housing:

When you opt for custom built homes, you have the power to shape the final process or the end-product of your dream home. You’re basically in control of decorating and fitting it with appliances, trim, cabinetry, lighting, wall and floor coverings. Plus, you’re designing a house that is functional to take advantage of every usable space.

The notion that tailor made homes are more expensive than existing or semi-existing ones is not always true because you can adapt house building according to your budget. Factors such as location, size, and quality of materials also affect the final cost of a custom-built structure. Affordable new home builders in Orange County will work with you in estimating how much your abode will cost. On average, custom homes cost between $100 to $400 per square foot. Thus, a modest home will set you back around $350,000 to build on 3,500 square feet. If downsizing, a house on 1,000 square feet will cost $100,000 which is already a better figure for those on the lower end of the income bracket.

* Re-purposing Extra Space to Accommodate Granny Houses:

Accommodate Granny Houses
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Another option to increase housing units is to build granny homes. New California laws that took effect in 2017 allowed existing structures with enough space to build a granny suite or guesthouse in the backyard. Making it easy for people to apply for permits to build a Mother-in-law suite, the move aims to ease pressures on housing shortage in Orange County. Even if only 10% of California’s 6.8 million single homeowners would build a granny home, it would yield an additional 600,000 units to the inventory according to US Modular, Inc. These homes could be rented out to those in need whether they are friends, family members or the average person looking for accommodation. Residences like these are not that expensive and would cost you around $30,000-$40,000 depending on the amenities and materials that you use according to Consumer Affairs. Granny pods, in some cases, also allow you to save on nursing homes which could cost over $92,000 a year according to Senior Living.

* The Tiny House Movement:

More people are giving up their spaces in favor of smaller houses. In a world where overpopulation is an issue and urbanization is causing housing shortages, tiny homes might be the answer. They are usually 500 square feet or less in size and feature the basic amenities that a dweller would need where every usable space is maximized. Tiny houses cost anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000 depending on the materials used and the amenities you want. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to figure out the exact number of people living in micro homes as they are not yet part of standard surveys especially those that are movable or attached on RVs.

Custom made homes are cheaper housing options if you are looking for a functional home with a modest size. In addition, granny houses or flat and tiny homes are other inexpensive solutions to address the housing shortage.

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