As a savvy shopper, I make sure to hunt down coupons anytime I can to save money on online or brick-and-mortar purchases. Yet, even some of the most unusual purchases offer discounts with a little deal hunting.

Take for instance, ordering business cards through an online printer or using GoToMeeting to share files and make design selections. One of my clients loves GoToMeeting; he can quickly view my computer screen from his home computer and tell me what he likes or wants to change on his website without having to drive 45-minutes to our home office.

One great place to find all kinds of deals and savings is through Not only do they offer savings on consumer goods, they also offer savings on services. If I wanted to sign up for GoToMeeting and make this a permanent way to complete business transactions, I could take advantage of’s GoToMeeting coupon code offering of 20% off a purchase plus a 30-day free trial. That’s a great incentive! And this comes in handy when I’m traveling or away from my desk for any significant amount of time.

When ordering business stationery or postcards, PSPrint is my online printer of choice. It’s hard to find a coupon for this vendor that doesn’t limit it to first-time only purchases. offers a large selection of discounts which don’t exclude repeat customers.

I have the ability to search for the best deals by category or by vendor, making the navigating experience easy. Their coupons are easy to use as well and clearly list the expiration date. makes finding deals simple and will come in handy this weekend when I rent a car for a short East Coast trip. Having a coupon code available at the touch of a few keys makes purchases less stressful and keeps my pocketbook fuller.

What coupon experiences have you used lately?

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