Whether you’re comfortably settled in your little home or just at the planning stage, thinking about the space around it has probably crossed your mind at some stage. Gardens are great for relaxing, encouraging wildlife, playing, and even growing food; and just like with houses, there’s so much you can do with a small space. The key is planning with its small size as a strength rather than a weakness.

Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

Here are a few garden ideas for small spaces to increase the beauty of home;

* Measuring up:

window boxes for garden
Image by: Pixnio

The first thing to do is consider what space you have, and how it might be turned into a garden.

  • Windows: if you have windows, you can probably have window boxes – and while these might not seem to qualify as a garden in the traditional sense, you can do so much with them and they can really ‘green up’ your life, especially in city locations.
  • Balconies: if you have a little more space in the form of a balcony or terrace, then your options for a garden space just got bigger too. Tubs and large pots are your friends, as well as vertical planting on shelves, and you might be able to fit in a comfy chair or bench.
  • Backyard: for those lucky enough to have a garden in the traditional sense of a backyard, you have the most choice – even if it’s a small area. Think about how a deck or lawn might link up with the flow from your home for summer meals outside.

It’s also important to consider how much sunlight or shade your space gets, as well as rainfall and temperature.

* Picking your plants:

Next, have a think about what you want to get out of your garden. Are you happy to maintain fussy or delicate plants, or is something more low-maintenance more your style. If you want a space for relaxation, adding a calming water feature to create soothing sounds and movements is a good idea. Coupled with some comfortable furniture. For those wanting a little slice of the good life, vegetables can work really well in pots and troughs – especially salad leaves and herbs. Tomatoes and runner beans are great for small spaces as they grow up rather than out. Gardens also provide havens for wildlife, so encourage bugs, bees, and butterflies by planting native species with a range of flowers and fruits.

Any space, no matter how small, can be turned into a cozy and comfortable house. And the same is true of gardens. Think about how your outside space can be transformed to complement your home and complete your little paradise. If you’re superstitious, you can design the garden according to Feng Shui. Feng Shui is said to prevent money losses in your home.

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