Railings come in many forms, styles, and designs, but one of the popular choices is the glass railing. You can see it in modern homes as it adds luxury and style. It adds openness, which makes space appear bigger than its actual size. When it comes to choosing a glass railing, there are a few important things you have to be aware of. These are the following:

Types of glass railing system:

There are many types of glass railing systems, and each comes with pros and cons.

  • Dadoed glass railing – The glass railing panels are secured at the top rail and bottom shoe. It requires woods, which will serve as the frame. If you are looking for a clean visual effect, this type of railing is the ideal choice, as it won’t require clips or hardware.
  • Standoff glass railing – The glass panels are secured with round stainless steel cylinders (standoffs). It can be a frameless railing system but requires some hardware, although visually minimal. Sufficient backing has to be ensured to securely support the glass in place.
  • Clamped glass railing – The glass panels are secured in place using glass clips that are mounted to post the railing or shoe. You can use either steel or wood posts. It is an appealing choice, especially in people who want to highlight the hardware.

Safety and local building codes:

Every city has a local building code requirement that has to be met. The ideal glass for stair railing includes tempered and laminated glass, although the tempered glass offers the highest quality. If it breaks, it will shatter into tiny cubes for safety purposes. On the other hand, laminated glass is a 2-piece glass bind together with an interlayer. In case of breakage, one side of the glass shatters while the other layer stays in place.


A glass railing requires lesser maintenance than the wood railing. Just make sure you keep the glass railing clean by wiping with a damp cloth soaked in water, soap, and vinegar. Do not use abrasive scrubbers to avoid scratching the glasses.


Budget-wise, a glass railing is a bit expensive when compared with other railing materials. However, given the low maintenance requirement, durability, and aesthetic appeal, it still is money well-spent. Over the years, you will notice that you will end up saving more if you use a glass railing.

A glass material creates a sophisticated, clean, and elegant railing. You can find a glass railing in modern and contemporary homes. If you are planning to install a railing for your stairs, make sure you take into consideration all of your available options. Glass material is just one of the many choices. Narrow down your choice and consider all important aspects – safety, durability, aesthetics, and budget. At the end of the day, you can only buy what your budget allows. Taking into consideration the factors mentioned above can help you come up with an informed choice.

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