When it comes to hiring a land survey company, you must think that they all provide the same basic services. Surveying and scanning your land, compiling the information about their survey, and sending it to you. And, you can use it for a variety of different things.

Whether you’re building a new piece of property, subdividing your land. Or you have any other need for a surveyor, they’re all the same, right?

Qualified land surveyors will do the same basic things, there can to quite a bit of variety in their workflow, processes, the tools they use, their turnaround time for your project, and more.

It’s incredibly important to take the time to hire a qualified, professional land survey company for your job. Why? Here are just a few reasons.

1.  Survey Data Forms The Basis Of All Development Activities For Your Property:

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Probably the biggest reason that you need to take your time and hire a truly qualified, professional land survey company. The data gathered and collected by your surveyors will, in all likelihood, form the basis of all future development activities for your property.

Engineers, architects, and other professionals will use this information in their work – so if the measurements gathered by your surveyors are inaccurate in any way, this can lead to a variety of different problems when developing your land.

Precise measurement of land is the most important building blocks. Whether you building a new residential home, commercial businesses, utility lines or pipelines, a 100% accurate.

The best land survey companies can offer completely-precise land mapping. Using LIDAR and other laser-based systems, GPS, and advanced technology to provide you with an absolutely comprehensive overview. Enabling future development projects to proceed smoothly.

2.  Prevention Of Land Disputes:

Land disputes are never pretty, and almost always involve a prolonged legal battle. If there is construction on a site where land ownership is disputed. It may delay or to found that you were building illegally, it may be torn down altogether.

Most professional land surveyors will take the proper steps to ensure they understand the geographical borders of your land. You will surprise at how often mistakes can occur. If historical land ownership documents, deeds, and maps are not consulted during the process of surveying.

Land surveyor will be able to clearly demarcate and mark the line where your property begins and ends. This can be powerful evidence in the future if any other party try to deny your ownership of a particular piece of land.

3.  Special Considerations For Your Property (Easements, Right-Of-Ways, Etc.)

A proper land survey doesn’t just involve heading out into the field. Surveying the area with high-tech tools and geodetic instruments. It also involves research into the area – your surveyors should do all of the research into nearby easements, laws regarding right-of-ways, and any other regulations or conditions that could present an issue when planning and constructing new buildings or other structures.

Ideally, your survey company will use an internal QA or external QA company. Which will double-check all of the results of a survey, investigate any applicable municipal or state-wide laws? Determine if there are any special considerations that you also need to think about when constructing a new building or other structure. Failure to do this can result in serious costs and project issues.

* Hire An Experienced, Reputable Land Survey Company!

May you hear the expression “measure twice, cut once.” Nowhere is this more applicable than in the world of land surveying. Taking the time to hire the right land survey company, and get a truly 100% accurate assessment of your land. It will save you innumerable headaches – and costs – in the future.

To find an experienced land survey company near you now, and get the surveying services you need to sell or build on your property with confidence!

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