The harsh cold of the winter months leaves us wanting to stay warm and cozy in our homes. As you enjoy the warmth of your home, keep in mind that pests wish to escape the cold and Although many may think pest control stops in the wintertime with cooler temperatures killing off or driving away pests.

* Pest Control Challenges Caused by Colder Weather:

The cold winter weather causes a variety of pest control challenges:

* Motivation to Get In:

One of the significant challenges the colder weather presents is that it gives pests new motivation to seek shelter in your home. Pests are attracted to the shelter, food, and warmth your home can provide them as well as the moisture it harbors from leaks or ice dams.

* New Entry Points:

If the water inside your pipes freezes, it will expand and could force the pipe to rupture, crack or even burst, damaging drywall or flooring. This damage can create a new opening in your home through which pests can gain entry.

Another issue with colder weather is ice dams, where excess moisture freezes over one place for an extended period. They look like icicles, only wider and they tend to strain whatever is holding them up such as siding, gutters, and roofing. This strain can strip weatherproofing, sink your roof and even wear down your siding, leaving pests new way to get into your home.

* Property Damage:

Pests like mice who have invaded your home can chew on wires, drywall, and insulation to satisfy their constant need to keep their teeth occupied. Mice cannot survive the winter outside, so they must seek shelter indoors to survive. If there are mice in your home chewing your wires, their chewing could cause the wire to spark and start a fire, causing devastating damage to your home and posing a risk to you and your family’s safety.

* Reasons for Continuing Pest Control Throughout the Winter:

During the winter season, if pests find their way into your home, they can cause damage to your property, carry diseases into your home, and can even cause allergies, making them a threat to not only your house but to the health of your family and pets as well.

By controlling pests year-round, rather than taking a break in the winter, you can keep their populations suppressed, helping to reduce damage, disease, and other risks that can be caused by pests such as rodents, cockroaches, or bed bugs. Taking a break from pest control in the winter can allow pests to grow their population and become a much bigger issue in the spring.

With regular pest control all year round, you can keep pest populations in check while keeping your home and your family safe. Don’t allow your home to serve as a shelter for pests this winter season. Contact your local pest control services provider to keep your home pest free and ready for spring.

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