Is your home more than thirty years old? If yes, there is a slight possibility of asbestos use during its construction. This toxic mineral has been used to construct houses and buildings until the 1970s as a component in plaster, paint, floor adhesive, roofing materials, and duct insulation.

Nevertheless, having sources of asbestos in your home is harmful to the health of all family members, particularly children. Therefore, once detected, it should be removed and disposed of in a safe manner. There are numerous asbestos removal companies in Melbourne, like the one you can find here, specializing in abatement, testing, and disposal of this hazardous mineral.

Learn more about the benefits of hiring such services below.

Safe removal

Safe asbestos abatement is why residents of Melbourne decide to hire professional removal services to dispose of this toxic mineral. Its microscopic fibers can be easily transferred into the air unless contained properly, hence lingering in the atmosphere. Consequently, the likelihood of these fibers entering the ventilation system in one’s home is remarkably high.

Asbestos removal specialists, on the other hand, are experts in containing the material by using the right safety techniques. The employment of such safety methods during the procedure is crucial for impeding the presence of asbestos fibers both inside and outside the house. Bear in mind that once this material finds its way into the ventilation system, all residents become highly susceptible to the inhalation of such harmful particles. The longer the exposure to these fibers, the higher the risk of homeowners developing life-threatening health problems.

Eliminate the risk of asbestos-related conditions

The inhalation of asbestos fibers is detrimental to the health of anyone exposed to the presence of this mineral for long periods. Also, individuals experiencing short-term exposure to high asbestos concentrations are equally likely to develop an asbestos-related disorder, such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, lung cancer, and pleural abnormalities. These conditions pose a threat to the respiratory system, which might eventually result in death.asbestos-related conditionsOnce a person inhales such fibers, these are easily transferred to the bottom of the chest, where they nest inside the lungs. Their presence causes changes in the pleura, which automatically makes the lungs less flexible and capable of carrying enough oxygen. As a result, individuals suffering from asbestosis are subjected to coughing, breathing difficulties, wheezing, pain in the chest area, etc. Click here to learn everything about the diagnosis, treatment options, and long-term complications of asbestosis.

Mesothelioma is a less frequent health threat to people exposed to asbestos, usually attacking the workers who handle its removal. This type of cancer affects the mesothelial cells found in the lining of the lungs, heart, and abdomen. The early symptoms of mesothelioma include dry cough, as well as pain in the shoulders and chest. The more the tumour grows, the worse the symptoms.

Lung cancer is yet another fatal disease that results from a person being exposed to asbestos over a long period. Apart from the duration of the exposure period, the age of people plays an important role in the increase of lung cancer risk. This cancer form causes no symptoms in the initial stages of the disease, only during the last stages. Similar to the other conditions, lung cancer involves experiencing fever, chronic cough, a sudden loss of weight, and breathing difficulties.

Therefore, when suspecting asbestos presence in the house, Melbourne residents are recommended to contact removal experts as soon as possible. Additionally, residents dwelling in homes constructed before the 1970s should hire such professionals to perform an asbestos inspection. Detecting the presence of this poisonous mineral and getting it removed soon after moving into a new house eliminates the risk of developing an asbestos-related disorder.

Use of personal protective equipment

Another reason why Melbourne residents should refrain from asbestos abatement is their lack of protective equipment. When working with this mineral, individuals are supposed to use respiratory protective equipment, suitable overalls, and appropriate footwear. Unlike homeowners, removal specialists are equipped with the necessary equipment when working in such environments.

Male removal experts are required to shave before wearing a respirator in order to ensure a proper face seal. Fit testing is performed before using a respirator for the first time, while self-testing should be done every time the worker puts it on.

Moreover, these professionals wear safety goggles, gloves, overalls, and boots. Since the boots are reusable, workers clean them in the decontamination area after each project by using a special HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. The footwear is supposed to be laceless for better cleaning.

In order for homeowners to take care of asbestos abatement by themselves, they need to invest money into purchasing the necessary equipment. Even if you get equipped with everything essential for handling such a process, you still need to follow safety protocols so as to prevent contamination.

Correct disposal

The disposal of this toxic material should be conducted properly to prevent any harm done to the health of humans and animals, as well as the environment. Homeowners removing asbestos aren’t particularly careful in the course of its disposal by throwing it in the street containers or the local disposal area. In both cases, it threatens environmental safety and the health of local residents.

Nevertheless, hiring professional removal services ensures the correct disposal of such hazardous waste. These specialists dispose of asbestos waste by implementing a myriad of precaution measures, such as storing it in double bags and transporting it into a sealed skip. Both the bags and the container are supposed to contain warning labels of its presence.

Furthermore, reputable companies dump this waste at special asbestos landfills, licensed to accept such material. Keep in mind that getting rid of this hazardous waste on your own might get you in trouble with the law.

Final thoughts

The moment you suspect the existence of such cancerous fibers in your home, contact professional removalists right away. Don’t be tempted to remove it on your own.

The longer you wait, the greater the harm to everyone’s health!

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