The retail business has been around for long and this is all about drawing more customers. The success of the retail business depends on increasing customer perception. So, boosting up the traffic flow is a big challenge. This blog gives a list of what you can do to achieve that.

1.  Create a Great Window Display:

Tempting the passersby to step in is a difficult task. A winning window display can help you allure the potential shoppers to enter the store. When designed in the right way, it is sure to make the customers curious. The window chosen for display should be clearly visible.

Arrange the items systematically for getting a harmonious effect. The items displayed must be well-illuminated to cast a strong impression. Better have a catchy slogan with the items. This will make a good impact. No items should also be displayed for a long time. They should be changed frequently to create interest of pedestrians.

2.  Entice With a Welcome Mat:

Entice With a Welcome Mat
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An attractive entrance is the first thing that a retail store needs. It can be spacious or small depending on the size of the setting. Rolling out a red welcome mat makes the entrance enticing to the shoppers.

This should lead them to the threshold. Since the shoppers are coming in from the outside world, they need some time to adjust to the shop. Display your best products here and make the area glam with light and color. Also, include signs in the area to guide them. This will help the shoppers to start their shopping judgment.

3.  Make it Smart With Lounge Areas:

More than often, shopping becomes a tiring job. Creating a lounge area with comfortable sitting arrangements can help shoppers relax. This acts as a nice community place to share shopping experiences. Providing a television in the lounge can make them feel homely. They can wait here without any hurry. This will let them have a refreshing break in between their shopping spree.

4.  Engaging the Senses is a Great Way to Connect:

A great shopping experience depends on how shoppers feel in the retail store’s environment. If possible, include a water feature in the retail store. It could be a fountain, waterfall, or a cascading wall. The soft non-threatening sound of the flowing water will make the shoppers happy.

Soft music and scent are also great to trigger emotions. Play some soft music and install aroma diffusers in the strategic corners of the stores. This makes it more appealing to the customers and waiting at the cash counter seems pleasant.

5.  Improve With Lighting:

Improve With Lighting
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Lighting has a unique alluring power and can spruce up a retail store significantly. Explore lighting options to make the place warm and welcoming. Arrange ambient, task, decorative, and accent lighting at the right places for enlivening the atmosphere.

Use decorative chandeliers and pendants in the common areas for casting a luxurious view. Highlight the special items with innovative LED lights. When you open up the stores with lighting, it adds to the shoppers’ delight.

6.  Zoning Enhances Customer Perception:

No matter how you layout, the items should be displayed logically. Displaying similar products together improve shoppers’ perception. Also, arrange the large and small items separately for creating a harmonious effect. This will also help the shoppers to find out what they are looking for easily.

Place all special items at the front to make them clearly visible. In case there is something complimentary, display it along with the original item.

7.  Create a Free Wi-Fi Zone:

Make the retail store a free Wi-Fi zone with internet access. This will enable shoppers to surf the web on their devices. Also, connect it with your online store and mobile app. This will let shoppers know about your products and promotional shopping offers. This will entail more engagement with increased sales.

8.  A Fun Zone keeps the Kids Engaged:

Toddlers may cause serious distraction and embarrassment. At times, they force the parents to leave the stores without shopping. Creating a fun zone in the retail store can tackle such problems. The kids can play different games, while the parents do peaceful shopping. Such stores are greatly patronized by the parents.

9.  Enhance the Look With Artificial Greens:

The faux plants and trees are an excellent tool for alluring customers. Made using high-quality material and passing through many evolutions they look like the real counterparts. They can tap the innate desire of the people to come close to nature. Thus, the shoppers are greatly moved by seeing the retail store adorned with these.

They are available in many styles and varieties like flowers, plants, trees, topiaries etc. They can also be customized to complement any space requirement. Since these indoor landscaping plants come in fully grown size, they deliver instant beautification.

These artificial indoor trees are infused with UV-blocking substances. This makes them durable and they never get discolored by the harsh sun rays. Using the fire-retardant varieties make the retail stores fire-safe.

No matter what your interior landscaping ideas are, these artificial botanical products can match that perfectly. They require no maintenance except cleaning. No trimming and pruning are also necessary. Using them you won’t experience any mold growth and insect attack. This lets the shoppers shop safely.

10.  Give them Something Back:

A majority of the potential shoppers defer shopping until there is a promotional offer. Give the customers something back for every visit they make to your retail store. This could be anything from giving discounts to offering bonus points and rewards on every purchase.

Open a Facebook account or any other app and load all promotional details there. This will encourage potential shoppers to visit your brick and mortar store.

* Conclusion:

The decoration is not only to improve aesthetics. As a retail shop owner, it is your prime objective to impress customers to buy. Try these tips for your setting. They will work as a visual intelligence to influence customers in an incredible way.

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