The education process does not end when students come home from college. Moreover, in order to achieve better results, a motivated student does most of the work on his or her own, most often, at home.

Some people can work efficiently, lying on the couch or with a laptop on their knees. Others need a separate quiet zone with all the bells and whistles to focus and study. It may seem that the first example illustrates a sufficient interest when you’re up to the task no matter what. Also, someone may suppose that the second ones are just lazy procrastinators who try to justify themselves. However – it’s not like that at all.

Ideas to Arrange Your Study Room

There are many reasons why one can miss the deadline. Trying to balance studying, personal life, part-time job – add your own part – is at times a very demanding task. That is why many learners are googling requests like help me write my essay on the Internet. Apart from serious causes, let us inform you – there are many people who simply cannot work at the place they live in.

Although will and motivation (or at least the impending deadline) clearly have a positive effect on the student’s productivity, nobody should ignore the proper organization of the workspace.

The correct organization of space will allow you to save time, prevent fatigue, and complete tasks faster than you planned.

Start with Ergonomics

small modern desk

Ergonomics is a process of the scientific organization of labor aimed at creating tools for optimizing work. It is all about improving methods for a person to conduct any activity, taking into account one’s safety, comfort, and productivity.

It may sound a little pompous regarding the organization of order in your study room, but in the end, it’s about “measuring” comfort. The right choice of furniture, appliances, lighting, and various accessories in your room based on technical specifications can have a significant impact on how you feel.

So, ergonomics should come before the impulsive choice of beautiful decor. Although it does not deny the importance of stylish design, one should start with such primary things as:

  • The choice of a place for the desk, taking into account lighting, ventilation and convenient access to sockets and extensions (no one likes to get caught in these cables or stumble over them).
  • It is essential to determine comfortable desk parameters. If a student works only with a laptop, perhaps even a small modern desk without extra drawers will suit.
  • Think about what kind of chair is needed and how much space it can take. It is important not to feel trapped, for example, between a table and a wall.
  • It is worth deciding in advance what additional furniture may be needed, depending on the specifics of the activity. Nowadays, when paper books and notebooks are being used less and less, the student no longer requires those huge bookcases and shelf units. Don’t create unnecessary clutter.

In the end, ergonomics is all about usability. So why are we so demanding to the usability and simplicity of mobile devices, apps, and websites, while being so careless about the space around us?

Listen to Your Rhythm

student listening music

Often you can find such out-of-date rules as “Choose chairs equipped with wheels that allow moving around the entire office space freely.” Of course, the actual studying process should be convenient for you. A good chair should provide the spine with proper support, and the edge of the monitor screen should be at the same level as the user’s eyes.

But no matter how “correctly” you sit at the table, a sedentary lifestyle is very harmful. So, you should not put an equal sign between real comfort and the ability not to move for 8 hours. Actually, during the working day, the body needs any physical activity, at least some minor one.

Everybody should listen to their own rhythm. Every student knows that sometimes, you can waste several hours for nothing, and the next day complete all the tasks in no time. Do not force yourself to study. Instead, create all the conditions to be able to switch to something else when you feel that a change would be nice.

It would be a good idea to keep yoga mat, dumbbells, guitar, or anything else you like in the room. This will allow you to relax and unload your thoughts and ideas for the sake of further productivity.

In general, do 5-minute warm-ups (set a reminder), maintain water balance, find your perfect playlist if you work with the music on.

Color Scheme Matters

It is believed that bright colors and details should surround a creative person. Details – maybe, but it is essential not to overdo with saturated colors.

The fact is that calm and neutral tones help with focusing on the main tasks. Yellow has a positive effect on the workflow, increasing activity, and improving perseverance. But the tone of the color should not be too bright as well.

It is not recommended to choose blue and purple for the workspace since these colors are too calm and reduce working capacity.

There is no place in the study room for red color too: it only irritates a person. Also, do not get carried away with brown. Even though this color is considered calming, it can induce a sad mood state. Black color helps you to gather your thoughts, but it is better to combine it with lighter colors. Otherwise, you will quickly get tired.

Proper Lighting

desk lamp for studying

It is beneficial for eyes when the table is located near the window. Ideally, the light better comes from the left if a person is right-handed. If there is a lot of sun in the room during the day, it does not hurt to have blackout curtains or blinds. In such a case, you can use a desk lamp or a lamp above the table – usually, this light is enough.

“Night owls” must definitely use a lamp with sufficient brightness to protect their eyesight during extended stays in front of ones’ computer screen. By the way, it is a good idea to use a desk lamp of an unusual shape or color; after all, any student is a creative person.

Don’t Forget Arranging Virtual Workspace as Well

Now there are many methods of organizing space. People tend to get rid of trash and consciously approach shopping. This is a meaningful and reasonable trend, but surprisingly, the “tidying up” tendency has not yet touched our laptops. At the same time, most of our daily and professional activities are now happening online, via computers and other gadgets.

For many modern students, the home and the habitual and comfortable place to study is where one’s laptop is. On the contrary, if one has to use not their own laptops or mouses, many feel as if they have put on someone else’s shoes. Yes, undoubtedly, the desktops of our laptops are now an essential part of the space for one’s studying routine.

Many students often face situations when it is impossible to find something on the computer. In folders, complete chaos reigns. Not only are the files scattered in a mess, but the laptop is also full of duplicate files that take up significant disk space.

So, here are the basic rules for cleaning up a laptop:

  • Everything should be in the cloud. This becomes evident when you lose materials due to a suddenly burnt out hard drive. Or when on vacation, you need to correct the presentation urgently – and it seems it has vanished
  • Unsubscribe from those newsletters you never even open
  • Organize your photos
  • Check one link from your Favorites every time you launch the browser. Does it still deserve the title of your favorite

Indoor Plants Make You Feel Better

study room plants

The perfect workspace allows one to feel as calm and comfortable as possible during the studying process. It motivates and inspires creativity. The easiest way to make your study room just perfect is to acquire several indoor plants that refresh the interior and fill it with creative energy.

Use only natural, oxygen-producing plants, not artificial fakes. Water them when necessary, ensure they remain healthy, grow well, and bloom. Over time, it will be interesting for you to observe the fruits of your labor.

For example, it’s curious, how tall will be the flower after a current semester? And at the time of graduation? In general, the plant can become kind of your talisman for that challenging time.

Don’t Ignore the Basics

The human body is susceptible to changes in weather and temperature. It is not surprising that our productivity directly depends on the environment – humidity, temperature, ventilation quality.

The body tolerates a decrease in temperature. But when it is too warm, one’s organism has to use all the resources to fight the heat.

Arranging our workspace we want to go shopping ASAP and buy all these pretty accessories and decor which should inspire us for a successful study. Wherein it is so easy to forget about such basic things as good air and comfort temperature!

To make your workplace more comfortable, install a thermometer in the room, and try to maintain the temperature at 22°C.

You should also make sure that ventilation quality is good. If it is poor, headache and fatigue may occur. It also makes it difficult to focus. If it is not possible to set the vent or climate control, regularly ventilate the room.

The humidity level also affects human activity and general immunity. It should be between 20% and 60%. The lower the air temperature, the lower the humidity should be in your place.

Wrapping Up

Take arranging and redesign of your study room seriously. This space is more meaningful than it seems at first glance. The stereotypes are so strong that sometimes we should make some effort to break them and create a new vision!

In fact, realizing how to move from work pressure to work pleasure is essential not only for the person’s success but for the overall wellbeing.

Hope the “thoughtful” interior design which reflects your style will create only positive associations with a work process and inspire you for the great deeds!

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