Roof windows are one of the most efficient ways to allow a whole load of natural light into your room, often allowing as much as three times more in than vertical windows! When you choose the right ones, you will find that not only do they illuminate your room incredibly well, they also look great, reduce your energy costs (and the impact on the environment), can be very stylish, offer ventilation and also provide noise insulation if you need it.

Roof Windows Buying Guide

They are the ideal way to transform a space such as a loft conversion entirely, but you want to make sure you select the right ones, so you don’t end up with difficulties further down the line. As such, it is essential to choose the right manufacturer and have them installed by professionals. You will also need to ensure you properly maintain them. They often come with as much as a 10-year guarantee, but if you look after them in the right way, you’ll find their lifespan will extend well beyond this.

So how do you determine which brand to choose when buying roof windows? There are several options available from Velux to Keylite and Fakro too. We’re going to focus on Fakro roof windows to let you know why we think these are a great choice.

Trusted European manufacture

Launched in 1991, Fakro is passionate about quality and innovative design. Their range is not only good quality and great value for money, they are also highly celebrated because of it! It is one of the fastest growing window companies around.

Stylish and award-winning designs

Fakro has been at the forefront of the window industry for nearly 30 years and has had various industry awards bestowed upon them, including ones directly from the Polish President themselves.

Cutting edge technology

Since the launch of the company, Fakro has always dedicated resources to developmental research, so much so that these trailblazers have their very own research department to ensure they remain at the cutting edge of window trends, technology and design. They have even patented elements to keep them exclusive to this brand.

Broad range

You’ll have a wide variety of products from you can choose one to suit your home and style perfectly. From different sizes to colours to functions and capabilities, there is a Fakro window for all.

Quality control

Fakro has an internal Quality System which means that every single window has been thoroughly tested for performance, durability and how airtight it is. This means that when you buy a Fakro roof window, you know you are getting a product that is up to scratch. They go through as many as 70 individual tests to verify their standard before being allowed out into homes.

Fakro roof windows are energy efficient, protect against break-ins and has sound insulation as standard. The 10-year guarantee will also give you the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you’ll be able to get the problem rectified.

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