Beating the summer heat and ensuring that your home will stay cool during summer requires the need to regularly use your air conditioning system. Although this will guarantee comfort to you and your family members, running your air conditioning in Ithaca NY can make your electricity bill skyrocket. However, there is nothing you should worry about since there are ways on how to save energy and money on your air conditioning.

No matter how big or small your home is, whatever kind of AC unit you’re using, make sure to consider the following to enjoy savings:

Replace or Maintain Your AC

Air conditioners can cost you a lot of money every year. In terms of faulty equipment, less efficient AC may result in a high electric bill.

To ensure that your AC is running efficiently, make sure to keep its filters clean for better air movement and to keep your unit level, so condensation will drain properly. Click here to get professional assistance from AC experts.

On the other hand, if your AC unit is old, you can try replacing it with a newer model with higher efficiency. Look for units that are Energy Star certified or have high EER ratings. Energy Star certification is the system used by the government to determine energy-efficient products. If a unit has higher EER ratings than your current AC, it indicates a better and more efficient AC unit.

maintain your ac

Seal or Insulate Your Windows and Doors

Adding insulation in your home is a good way to lessen the heat that could pass through your walls. It can also help keep your space cool during summertime and warm during cold seasons. Insulating your attic may also help prevent the heat from warming your room into an oven-like temperature.

Insulating attics can keep the stored heat from spreading throughout your home. Doing this can help you enjoy savings on your bill. These days, the most cost-effective and practical option to save on running your air conditioning system is through installing blown-in cellulose insulation.

Sealing your windows and doors can also be a great idea to keep your home cool during hot days. It is important to seal the gaps between your doors and windows,so the air won’t escape, which is usually one of the causes of energy loss. You can also use weather stripping or caulk to reduce your energy use.

Try Using Smart Thermostat

One of the most excellent ways to save energy and money on your air conditioning is by using a smart thermostat. This device helps regulate your cooling system, enabling you to save money in the long run. You can also adjust the settings of your thermostat automatically with the use of a mobile app.

Using a smart thermostat can also help increase the temperature in your home when you are asleep or you’re out of your house. With this device, you may easily set your AC at high temperature whenever you want to and make your home more comfortable.

Smart thermostats also enable you to turn off or on your AC unit automatically, which can help keep your temperature at a steady level during night or daytime.

Use Ceiling Fans

The use of ceiling fans can be a cost-effective way to make your home cooler. Ceiling fans also use about 10% of energy compared to running a central AC unit. It also enables you to raise your setting on a smart thermostat to 4 degrees Celsius without the need to reduce comfort.

Ceiling fans also help circulate the air in your home. It can also make your space comfortable through its wind-chill effect. But, you also have to turn off your ceiling fan when you are not using it, promoting global energy conservation initiatives.

Other than that, you may also try installing high-tech smart ceiling fans, which can be controlled using an app. This can help you turn off or on the unit automatically while enabling you to control the speed remotely.

Close Your Window Blinds

Another way to pay less on air conditioning is by keeping your window blinds close. Blinds help minimize solar heat in your home and can make your home stay cool. It also prevents your AC unit from working harder just to keep the cool temperature in your home.

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Never Run Your AC When You’re Not Home

The quickest and easiest way to save money and energy on your air conditioning is to not use it whenever you’re not around. You might want to invest in a programmable or smart thermostat available in the market. You may program such units to turn your AC before you arrive and turn it off after you left your home.

Bottom Line

With the scorching heat that summer brings, running your AC unit daily can help you stay comfortable in your home. But, it also means a significant increase in your monthly bill on electricity.

Fortunately, with those above ways to save money and energy with Ithaca NY air conditioning, you can be assured that you will not just experience comfort, but also, you’ll enjoy more savings during summertime.

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