Isn’t living in a small place awesome? There are tons of affordable, chic condos in Montreal, so finding the perfect smaller home is easy.  Despite the grandeur and luxurious feel of living in big estate houses, I enjoy living in a tiny home myself. It doesn’t require much cleaning and upkeep, and it feels like your whole house is your personal space. Here are some benefits of living in a tiny home:

  1. Lower utility bills:

Obviously, it costs a lot less living in a small home. Your place won’t use as much electricity and water as a traditional house the smaller it is, so you get to spend less on utility bills and save up whatever is left of your money. Moreover, living in a tiny house powered by solar power would be even better. You spend one time on the installment of solar panels, and then eliminate the cost of utility bills altogether. Don’t tell me that is not enough to convince you.

  1. Easy to clean:

A small space is a lot easier to clean than a large one. You won’t even need help. It only takes a few minutes to pick up clutter and arrange stuff, and a whole hour if you are going to do a general cleanup. It’s also easier to maintain a system of organization when living in a small house, especially if you want to keep it clean and tidy all the time.

  1. Less maintenance needed:

Living in a tiny home means there is less work to do, there is less to fix, and there is less to clean for maintenance. You don’t have to spend a lot as you can fix stuff yourself, and simply picking up clutter around the house will make it look cleaner and better.

  1. More time for other things:

Because you spend less time on the upkeep of your small house, you get more time to do other things that you love. You get to shop and hang out with friends and family, or learn new hobbies like cooking, baking, or knitting – whatever floats your boat. You have more time to enjoy life when you have less time required for cleaning the house.

  1. Less stuff:

Because of your small living space, you are then disciplined to keep your belongings to a minimum. You don’t have a lot of negligible space to have so much stuff around that you don’t need, so you are forced to keep tidy place.

  1. More time spent outside:

When you need space and some air to breathe, you turn to the other side of the door. You don’t get constantly stuck inside, missing an otherwise great time outside because you are too comfortable sitting at home. I’m not saying that a small home isn’t comfortable at all, but you get what I mean.

Living in a tiny home doesn’t suggest a bad life. If anything, you actually get a lot more out of life with it. Get started by buying a condo in Montreal, and see how much everything improves with a much smaller space.

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