Furniture shopping for a new place here in Minneapolis is always an exciting event. It’s a chance to let your personality shine, pick items that make a statement, and that is, of course, functional and comfortable. With that said, if you’ve recently just purchased one of the condos for sale Minneapolis, then you need to be a bit more wary of the pieces you pick. Because condos tend to have less space than a house, you want to be sure the items fit the space.

Furniture For Condo Living

Here are a number of tips you can use that will make finding the right kind of furniture for your condo a breeze.

* Get a Feel for the Space Available:

This is a tip that doesn’t just apply to condo living, but any type of dwelling. It’s important not to just make guesses as to how much space you have available but take actual measurements. Be sure to write these measurements down and carry them with you when shopping. Purchasing items that are too big or too small for space will end up with furniture looking out of place and not making for a very functional environment.

If you’re the type that has a hard time envisioning what a piece will look like in an empty room, it’s a good idea to use tape on the floor to show how much space the item would take up.

* Pick One Design Style:

In most cases, you will be dealing with a limited amount of space in a condo, so the goal is to make it as open and big as possible. One way to achieve this is to pick one design style and carry it throughout the entire condo. This will help to create flow and won’t end up cutting spaces and rooms off.

* Pick Multi-Functional Pieces:

Another tip is to pick out multi-functional pieces. This means the one item will actually be performing a number of tasks and uses but only taking up that one spot. Examples of this can be ottomans that also act as a coffee table and extra storage, a sofa bed to provide space for guests to sleep, a dining table with leaves that can be folded down and act as a desk when needed, etc.

Nowadays you’ll have no trouble finding these multi-functional pieces, and many of them cater to condo owners so they are a little more compact in size.

* Stick to the Essentials Only:

It’s easy to get caught up when you head to the furniture store. Everything is new, beautiful, and filled with possibilities. The problem is that your condo can fill up really fast if you’re not careful, which is why it’s best to make a list of essential furniture items and stick to it.

* A Beautiful, Functional, and Comfortable Space:

By following these tips during the furniture buying experience you’ll be sure to find pieces that are beautiful, functional, and comfortable for your brand new

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