There’s no doubt we all would like to update our houses to make them more appealing. However, most of us can’t afford to redo every bit of our home. You can go about your new decorating and upgrade in a smart way. Consider specific areas you can focus on and bring alive. It doesn’t take much to come up with some clever ideas. Look around your house and decide where you want to start. Talk to friends and family to see what they are doing. If you’re still lost, here are some ways to update your house on a budget.

Enhance your bathroom

Our bathrooms can quickly turn into a boring environment. Maybe it’s because we either have settled with an awful design or haven’t bothered to upgrade the look. You can liven up your bathroom on a budget quite easily. Shop at stores that have discounts or consider doing it yourself. Many people have created their own designs of trash cans or toothpaste holders. The first goal is to pick your color scheme, then work towards getting additional items. Think about a barn door track for entry. Remove old dingy shower curtains and liners. Look at the flooring and consider ripping it out and putting in something more trendy.


Your lighting in your home might be dull. It probably fails to give each room a chance to look alive. Consider changing the lighting in a specific room or all of them. Try brighter lights in the living room. This way it’s more inviting and exciting to sit in. Good lights bring an extra touch to a room and save it from being boring.

Installing lighting fixtures along the walls can work as well. Make sure chairs for reading have a trendy lighting piece that enhances the overall experience. Remove old and outdated lighting that no longer works for the kitchen or bathroom. You can find lighting fixtures at second-hand shops. You might have to repair them yourself, but you’ll get a bargain.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are always a good idea for an upgrade. If you lack an interesting view in the window, consider trendy shades. Curtains can do the job as long as they match the paint or furniture. Get ideas online by looking at windows similar to your home. This way you’ll know exactly how to decorate them and it won’t look tacky. A good window treatment can go along way if you go about it correctly. Look for curtains or shades at the thrift shop. Reduce costs by buying these at a discount.


Put up wallpaper that you can easily remove. There is no sense in applying wallpaper that’s going to be a nightmare to get off the walls. Work with an interior designer who can give you a few pointers if you don’t know where to begin.

Putting up wallpaper is a bit tricky. Many have found that the wallpaper they’ve labored over to add to the wall doesn’t match with the surroundings. Use a portion of wallpaper you are thinking about applying, and test it up against the decor in place. This way you don’t make a huge mistake and have to rip the whole thing down. Consider looking at some of the dollar stores for prints. Art stores are another option.

These are ways you can update your home on a budget. Think about switching out your lighting so it’s more appealing. Track lights are always a good idea for the kitchen or the living room. Remove lighting that’s old and no longer works for the home.

Consider giving your windows a makeover. A good window treatment can be curtains or shades that have a nice design. Make sure they match with your walls and not throw the entire house off.

Wallpaper is a good enhancement to any room in your house. Make sure you find the right print that doesn’t overshadow the rest of the home. It also should be easy to remove.

Change your bathroom decor by picking the best colors possible. When your color scheme is off, so is everything else. Revamp the flooring, change the shower curtain and consider a new paint job.

Try some of these ways to upgrade your home on a budget. Try the thrift shops, discount, and second-hand stores for all of your shopping desires.

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