A couple of years ago, I bought a little house for my family. The first few months were fantastic, and we thought the place was all that we could wish for. However, our joy was short-lived as the cold winds of winter made sleeping unbearable. Luckily, I discovered to create a warm and cozy, some exciting ways to design your bedroom by spending only enough of your budget.

Design Your Bedroom

These methods are guaranteed to keep you comfortable throughout the night. Besides, if you want to take your family to a little house on the hill vacation this festive season, these tips are just what you need. You can either hire a room planner or a virtual room designer for the ease of you.

* Snuggle Up!

I prefer putting a goose or duck down duvet especially when the cold starts ‘knocking on the door.’ What I love most about these duvets is that they stay cool in the summer and heat up during winter. However, before buying a goose or duck down duvet, make sure that it’s the real thing!

Besides, these beddings look fantastic while resting on a memory foam bed. They also have a longer lifespan as compared to other synthetic products. So, although they are a bit expensive, you’ll be saving a huge chunk of money in the long term!

* Choosing The Right Pillows and Cushions:

Pillows and Cushions
Image by: Pexels

Pillows and cushions offer additional comfort to design your bedroom plus extra warmth. If you like, you could even change your pillow covers to welcome a new season. Here, I would recommend warm colors like brown, orange and red.

For your pillows and cushions, pick some tactical fabrics like faux fur, velvet or mock suede. I love these materials because they not only keep you cozy but also warm too! If you have some spare cash, you could even get some new curtains in colors that complement each season.

* Hang Some Colorful Pictures:

Art has always been one of my best hobbies and its one of the elements that have ‘lit up’ my little house bedroom. I love it because it brings the outside world into your bedroom. It makes the room feel more comfortable and attractive. So, you could hang a portrait of your favorite celebrity, president, or a picture of the latest electric car. You can design a room with hanging some beautiful pictures on the walls.

* Adding a Warm Underfoot:

The kind of floor that you use is also an essential part of your overall bedroom decor. I know that tiles are usually cold in the summer but later get cold during winter. So, instead of using a lot of money buying under tile heaters, just put some area rugs, and you’ll have kept the room warm. You can design your own room by adding some warm underfoot.

You could also have a carpet that provides both warmth and comfort. If you prefer changing to design your bedroom decorations from time to time, pick the one with a somewhat neutral color.

* How About a Cozy Fireplace?

Nothing describes the comfort and warmth better than having a fireplace in your bedroom. While some little houses already have fireplaces installed in the living room, I’ve not come across any bedroom fireplace. If you get one with a fireplace when you take a trip this Christmas, I would recommend choosing an eco-friendly option.

It should be fuelled using a renewable liquid called bioethanol which is derived from agricultural products. It burns clean, with neither smoke nor harmful emissions.

So, it’s pretty easy for a little house to design your bedroom, especially in this cold festive season. Fortunately, these simple decor tips will ensure you and your family sleep safely, warmly and comfortably throughout the night. As I wind up, I would also like to remind you that the success of any bedroom decor is not how much you spend, but how well you use the little that you have!

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