For some, the appeal of living in a tiny home is one of intimacy and self-sufficiency. People want to live without a mortgage hanging over their heads, getting back to the basics of living. They do not need all of the extra space that allows families to live under the same roof but be far apart. Material things are not a necessity for their lifestyle, and they do not need the space to store such stuff.

The appeal of living in a tiny home is growing as the pressures of society continue to increase. Just because you give up the materialistic things to buy one of these 150 square foot houses, you do not have to give up style. You can make your tiny home just as beautiful on the inside as any apartment or newly-built house.

When you pick out your design scheme, be sure to blog about the steps you take to make your home an attractive one. Pick out a domain name that fits with your tiny home decorating efforts, post pictures of the before and after, and tell people why you chose to do things in that fashion. You could inspire other tiny homeowners to improve their interior designs, or even convince someone to change their lifestyle and buy a tiny home.

Here are some ideas to use in decorating the inside of your tiny home.

* White:

white paint in room
Image by: Flickr

Use white as the main color in your home. Thanks to the way light bounces off of walls painted in white, it gives the impression that your space is much larger than it actually is. By using this as the main palette in your tiny home, from furniture to bed sheets to appliances, you are creating a home that does not feel so claustrophobic.

You can use other colors if you want. If you do, steer clear of too dark of one. Darker shades will give your tiny home an even tinier feel to it. Light is absorbed into the walls rather than reflected off of them. Pick out a light shade or a pastel of the color you would like to use, then use that hue in your decor as well.

* Furniture:

Obviously, any furniture you put into your tiny home will have to be smaller. Some of the furniture will be half versions, such as a desk or table. They may even double as both. Most tiny homes will utilize the space available by having furniture and fixtures that double as storage or other purposes. They will seem like Transformers, changing from a single seat chair into a full four-sided table and the such. Pick out your furniture that can be used for multiple things.

For anything with legs or a large body, try to match their colors with the white (or other colors you have chosen) scheme in the house. Again, this will help with the size-feel of your home. Tabletops or chair seats can be of an accent color, but it is best to stick with something that will blend in rather than stand out.

* Decorations:

tiny home decorations
Image by: Pxhere

Decorations are a great addition to any theme. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of room in a tiny house for decorative items. That does not mean you cannot involve them in some way. You will have to be creative with your use of decorations.

Space can be found on the bookcase built into the wall, the countertop in the kitchen area, or on a shelf above eye level. The last is a great place to cover up a blank space if it is not being used for another purpose.

If you do use decorative items, make them slightly larger. If you add features that are too small, you will actually be giving your tiny home a cluttered feel to it. Try to find items that fit your decor that accent your home’s size did not point it out.

* Walls:

What space is not being used up by appliances or furniture that folds down, feel free to decorate. Again, be careful with your sizes. Too small of a picture or art piece can draw attention to your home’s size while too large will be completely out of place. Find a happy medium and go with it.

Mirrors and colored artwork can work well on the walls of tiny homes. Photographs of loved ones are great, but they may not fit in your design scheme. Forcing them into a theme could give your walls a cluttered feel, and that could detract from your home’s ambiance.

You can hang small plants on the walls as well. Live greenery can enhance the homey feel of your house. For better results, consider lining them with a vining plant of some kind. This could add a great touch to your decor and fill any empty space that could be an eyesore otherwise.

* Ceilings:

tiny home ceilings
Image by: Pixabay

In a tiny home, you need to make use of every inch available. As such, do not forget the ceiling. If it is strong enough, you may end up using it for storage in some way. If not, there are some decorating ideas you can use to incorporate the space above you. Use your lighting fixture to add beauty to your house. Simple, elegance; these can make great use of the space.

Paint your ceiling. Painting the space above can help improve the appearance of your home, not only by adding color to the house but also in making it seem bigger. You could use wallpaper to achieve these goals as well. Patterns and designs on the ceiling can call attention to them. When your eyes look up, it creates an optical illusion that tricks your mind into seeing more than is truly there.


Don’t forget the space under your feet. Tiny homes typically come with bare hardwood flooring. You are not limited by this. Adding a carpet or rug could make the living space more comfortable on your feet. Plus, if you pick one out that matches the color of your walls (or a shade darker maybe), the visual size of your interior space becomes more than it is.

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